Spectrum Software is an Australian Owned company. Our specialists at Spectrum are extremely fortunate to be working with some of the best teams at our customer sites, alongside the most experienced, innovative consultants from our Partners, Infogix (since 1990), Tidal (since 2000) and Phoenix (since 1997).

All of our customer teams are highly valued by their organisations with one of the teams recently receiving the top award from the banking CEO at a prestigious black tie event for their very visible customer data conversion project.

Our focus with Infogix, a global company headquartered in Naperville, Illinois USA, is on continuously evolving financial controls enforcing the Accuracy, Consistency and Reliability of all mission critical financial transactions.

For our banking customers this means enhanced, automated control over mission critical processes including business and regulatory reporting. Recently including AUSTRAC.

This is achieved by:
  • Constant validation and control of all transactions across the Branch network, ATMs, EFTPOS, BPAY, Card Systems and Interchange, NPP, Clearing System (RBA), Mortgages, Loans and transactions coming in from On-line and Mobile Banking applications.

  • Over 25 years of the bank's senior finance executive instructions for running the retail banking business are imbedded in rules based controls for each transaction.

  • Analytics, machine learning and visibility.

  • Remedying systems outage impacts on customer accounts before they impact the customer.

  • Retrospective analysis and reporting.

  • Forensic tasks for Remediation - eg recovering $2.5 million from an Interchange 3rd Party before losing recourse.

  • On-going journey towards best practice Data Quality and Data Controls.

Infogix is in its fourth decade as an industry pioneer, Infogix continues to provide large and mid-market companies around the globe with a broad range of integrated and configurable tools to govern, manage and use data. From the office of Finance, operations and the office of data to sales, from product and customer service to marketing — users across the entire organization rely on our software to remove barriers to data access, accelerate time to insight, increase operational efficiency and confidently trust business decisions. Our best in class retention rate is proof of our customer-centric focus as we partner with them to thrive in today’s data-driven economy.
To learn more, visit www.infogix.com.

Tidal is a leading provider of enterprise workload automation solutions that orchestrate the execution of complex workflows across systems, applications and IT environments. Tidal optimizes mission-critical business processes, increases IT cost efficiencies and ensures legal and regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Our focus with Tidal, a global company headquartered in Chicago USA, is in providing Sales, Support and Consulting Services in the Asia Pacific region. Our specialised consultants, with over 15 years experience with Tidal Automation, provide on-site and remote implementation, support, training and mentoring.

Customers around the world count on Tidal for modernizing their workload automation and driving their digital transformation.
To learn more, visit www.tidalsoftware.com.

Phoenix is a global company headquartered in Los Angeles USA. Since 1979, Phoenix Software International has been providing cutting-edge enterprise software solutions to organizations around the globe, leveraging the latest hardware and software technology to provide the best possible user experience.

Our focus with Phoenix is in providing Sales, Support and Consulting Services in the Australia & New Zealand region. Our specialised consultants, with over 20 years experience with Phoenix Software's JES3 Spool Management and Mainframe as well as Distributed, Data Entry Suite of products provide on-site and remote implementation, support, training and mentoring.

Phoenix offers a wide range of solutions to modern business challenges for organizations around the world. From high performance tools that help you manage your system and your applications to data capture and intelligence solutions to help you streamline your business processes. Long-range, customer-oriented projects and goals are our focus.

Phoenix Software’s customers range from small entrepreneurial companies to federal and state agencies including law enforcement and defense, to Fortune 500 leaders in the automotive, financial, healthcare, telecommunications, and insurance industries.
To learn more, visit www.phoenixsoftware.com.

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